Meet Grace

Exclusive North Carolina Companion 


Meet Grace

Exclusive North Carolina Companion 


“This was a dream, and she was merely a guide.” -Anais Nïn


About Me

As a young woman busy with the demands of the real world, I slip into my Grace persona to have an outlet for my vibrant sensuality and adventurous nature. Grace allows me to unleash my authentic self, with no need to conform to the arbitrary and narrow rules of the "real world". Here in the Demi-Monde, I can satiate my wanderlust, my desire for connection, and  my sybaritic inclinations. I crave the deeper experiences that only come with the slipping away of the binds of typical human interaction. 


My experiences and interests belie my age of 27 years. My travels, studies, and interests make me both a fascinating conversationalist and a well-mannered companion for any situation. Yoga, dance, and my love of hiking and long walks have given me a slender, toned, and graceful physique, with a petite build that is soft in all the right places. My wavy brunette hair hangs down to the middle of my lithe back, and my warm brown eyes will light up as you tell me your story, and sparkle with delight as we begin to enjoy our time. My appearance will be appropriate for whatever engagements you have planned for us, and l my natural beauty is the only thing about me that will stand out in a crowd. If we meet in a private location, I will be dressed either in a simple sundress, or in any way you request. 



About You


While I am drawn towards a diverse range of people, I usually prefer spending my time with those ladies and gentlemen who have gained the wisdom that only comes with age. I am available for both single women and men as well as couples, and I do occasionally meet with "old souls", but please respect my desire to only meet those over 30. 


I have a limited amount of time to spend in Grace's world, so I prefer to only meet those with whom I feel a 'spark' or connection with. 


I most enjoy meeting new friends when they are curious about the world and have a desire to absorb new places/experiences/sensations. Whether looking for an adventure, an escape, or a much-needed to recharge for mind, body, and soul drained from the stresses and obligations of life, I  delight in fulfilling the needs, dreams, and desires of my generous and respectful patrons. 


I deeply enjoy intimate encounters with couples, provided they are in a committed and trusting relationship. As a passionately bisexual sybarite, I adore wading into the orgiastic pleasures only found in Ménage a Trois or group encounter. 

“Our hands touch,our bodies burst into fire...nothing remains unlit. All quivers, all kindles, all burns clear.”
-Virgina Woolf

From "Arrival" by William Carlos Williams

And yet one arrives somehow,
finds himself loosening the hooks of
her dress
in a strange bedroom —
feels the autumn
dropping its silk and linen leaves
about her ankles.

—from Poem Hunter






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north carolina gfe, brunette VIP gfe
north carolina gfe, brunette VIP gfe




Let's slip away from the world- for an hour, an afternoon, a weekend. The the stresses of life melt away as we explore each other. 

Meeting you, connecting with you, is my passion. You'll watch my eyes sparkle as I learn about you, you'll see every part of me respond with authentic curiosity and excitement.  

Whether you wish to escape from the world for an hour or two, or desire a night on the town or a weekend getaway, I will always be prepared, poised, and perfectly presented. 

I can by turns be your sensual guide behind closed doors, as well as turning heads and charming hearts as a scintillating conversationalist. 

Let me be your guide to our little demimonde. Discover the thrill of a passionate connection, the excitement of discovering and fulfilling your deepest, most primal needs- all without the ties of possession, burden, or worry. 



Encounters At Home

~Peeking Through The Garden Gate~

400.....1 Hour

~Traipsing Down The Garden Path~

Two Teasing Hours .........700

Three Hours Exploration.......1,000

~Picnic In The Roses~

Four Hours, the ideal dinner date to get truly acquainted............1,250

Six Hours , enough time to savor each other, as well as dinner...........1,600

~Seeking Shangri La~

A day's Adventure, Up to 12 hours


~Adventure By Moonlight~

Let's spend the night together! With extra AM time we can lazily snuggle in bed and savor some coffee, or indulge in a leisurely brunch while sipping mimosas.

16 hours......3,000







Encounters Away

Peeking Through The Garden Gate

600.....90 min

Traipsing Down The Garden Path

Two Teasing Hours....... 800

Three Hours Exploration.......1,000

~Picnic In The Roses~

Four Hours, the ideal dinner date to get truly acquainted............1,250

Six Hours , enough time to savor each other, as well as dinner.........2,000

~Seeking Shangri La~

A day's Adventure, Up to 12 hours


~Adventure By Moonlight~

Let's spend the night together! With extra AM time we can lazily snuggle in bed and savor some coffee, or indulge in a leisurely brunch while sipping mimosas.

16 hours......3,800


***Extra Delights In  or Out***

Not ready to depart our garden of pleasure? If my schedule permits, our engagement may be extended! If we mutually agree to prolong our time, please make my consideration available immediately and don't put me in the awkward position of having to ask. 


~A La Carte Extensions~

(INcall) $350 per hour 

(OUTcall)  $450 per hour


~The world our Garden~

Wish for a full day of bliss, a weekend in paradise, or more?  Contact me with your thoughts!   I am also available for exclusive fly-me-to-you visits!                 

"If you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden."

~~Desire the company of two (or three, or more!) beautiful companions? Your wish is mine to grant. My sensually gifted friends and I will transport you to the world of your dreams. Whether you simply need to be pampered and indulged, or wish to join in the  our Sapphic fun, it would be my pleasure to bring along one of my sensually gifted friends. Alternately, if you have another companion in mind, just handle our introduction and we can take things from there! 





I figured you may like to know a little about what others have to say about their experiences with me. I decided to share a few snippets of my reviews. I must however moving forward request that while I do not mind reviews, Please be respectful and do not provide explicit details or embellish our time together. Please keep it simple and discreet.~~ Thanks Grace


She’s back in the hobby, she’s beautiful and one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Beautiful eyes and a sweet disposition. And when she wrapped her legs around me... Posted: June, 2016 by Daddylike
I would like to state clearly that I do not make frequent reviews on TER. There are two principal reasons – first, my personal experience must be extraordinary – either wonderful or terrible. Second, I consider my experiences private. I will only reveal the details of an encounter if the lady grants her permission. That attitude may not be in the true “spirit” of this site, but, to paraphrase Rhett: “Frankly, I don’t give a damn”.
Having said that, I want to relate one of the most exciting adventures it has been my pleasure to experience. From the moment Grace opened the door to her hotel room and greeted me with a long provocative kiss, she radiated a sensual “magic” that only increased in magnitude as our time together progressed. Posted: July, 2013 by Sxray
I had seen posts on TER about Grace then a good friend in the hobby gave her a fantastic referral so I jumped on the chance to see her on her trip to Raleigh. The appointment was set up via email and she does screen. After providing references I was set. She texted the morning of the appointment to let me know her location and to ask to delay the appointment 30 minutes which was fine with me. I called when I arrived at her upscale hotel and got the room number and went up. She met me at the door in a nice summer dress over a nice bra and hosiery set. She immediately gave me a big DFK that was passionate and intimate. After some quick chit chat me moved to the bedroom for some more DFK before getting comfortable. Non-VIP’s - Grace is the girl next door you always dreamed of getting but never did - don’t hestitate to see her - you will not be disappointed. Posted: April, 2013 by Brando1nh

Book Me

Book Me



The gift of truly connecting with a woman who lights up the room with chemistry and attraction is a joy to be found nowhere else in the world. Please respect that gift by honoring my wishes and policies that guide our meeting:


-please contact me via my secure screening form, or send me an email with the requested information. The more information you include, the quicker I will be able to get back to you.  I do not respond to emails that do not include basic information. 


-should you wish to use p411 to assist in screening, please send me an appointment request through that site in addition to the basic screening information. If you have RECENT okays from active, established companions, then you may omit the references requested. 


-if you cannot provide two recent references from established companions, please be prepared to share the personal information that I will need to verify you. For the safety of myself and my friends, I conduct a vigorous, yet discreet, verification. 

If you are unwilling to provide this information, please consider contacting another companion.


-My rates are for my time, so please don't put either of us in an uncomfortable position by attempting to haggle or negotiate in person or over correspondence. 


-please have the full rate for our visit ready at the beginning of our time together. If we meet in private, it should be discreetly left in plain view or in an unsealed envelope. If we meet in public, then please hand it to me when we meet, in a card, book, or gift for reasons of discretion. 



Ready to start our adventure? Simply fill  out my secure contact form, or send the following information in an email to We will be fast friends in no time! 


Cell phone :


City you wish to meet in:

Proposed date and time of meeting:

Handles for TER, p411, etc:

(If you wish to use p411 to assist the screening process, please send me an appointment request through the site. If you have RECENT okays from active, established providers, you may omit the reference information below.)


Contact information for 2 established providers you have seen recently:


Employment verification- email me from a verifiable work email connected to your real name; alternately, list a public number for the main line of your company. I maintain a non-published email account that you can send this to if you prefer - just shoot me an email. 

***should you have verifiable concerns of legitimate celebrity or public image, I may be able to work with you on alternate screening options. Contact me via this form, or by email, and i will do all that I can to accommodate you. Should you require a NDA, simply let me know***

Name *
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Date *
Time *


Spoil Me

Spoil Me


The best gift you can give to me is another enjoyable date together. However, I know many of my patrons enjoy "spoiling" me. Below, you'll find a selection of my favorites from the most important categories.


--Food and Drink: 

Islay scotches, such as Laphroiag Quarter Cask and Lagavulin 16

Red wine: Malbec, Cabernet, or any adventurous/big and bold red wines. I particularly enjoy a variety of South American wines.

Good chocolate! Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Valrhona, artisanal chocolate of all types. 

Medium-rare, dry aged ribeye steak. The quickest way to my temperamental heart!

I adore a wide range of cuisine, and am always excited to try a new restaurant or dish. Surprise me with our dinner plans by taking me to your favorite spot!



-I prefer a color palette of natural tones- cream, gray, brown, muted shades, dark jewel tones. Bags, purses, and shoes crafted  from fine leather are a particular delight! I adore Burberry, Louboutin, Chanel, and feminine dresses and blouses from Dolce and Gabbana and Diane von Furstenberg. Gift cards to Anthropologie and Nordstrom are always used quickly! 

When working out, I'm usually adorned in lululemon or Alo.


-Lingerie is one of the joys of my existence. It's so completely form over function, so unabashedly decorative. I'm always tickled pink by a gift of lingerie that you think would suit me! 

I generally wear a size small or a 32-B. Gift cards or items from Journelle are particularly treasured, as well as anything from La Perla, Cosabella, or Agent Provocateur. 

-Shoes: I wear a size 7.5, and adore styles from Louboutin,  Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, boots of every type, and anything crafted from fine leather. 

-Jewelry: always a flattering gift. I adore sapphires, red beryls, emeralds, and of course, diamonds of any shape/size/color. Unique pieces in silver, bronze, or gold are also sure to bring forth a squeal of excitement! 


Books! A lifelong bookworm, I go through books at a furious rate. It's an expensive habit, so I always welcome gift cards to Amazon or book stores, or a gift of a book you recommend. 

Travel: I've got a serious case of wanderlust. Gift cards for major airlines and hotel chains are one way to keep you on my mind all throughout my next adventures! Better yet, whisk me away to an exotic locale or tropical island...

Gift cards for  Nordstrom, Barneys, Journelle, Agent Provocateur, Anthropologie, and Amazon

Spa services/gift cards.