The gift of truly connecting with a woman who lights up the room with chemistry and attraction is a joy to be found nowhere else in the world. Please respect that gift by honoring my wishes and policies that guide our meeting:


-please contact me via my secure screening form, or send me an email with the requested information. The more information you include, the quicker I will be able to get back to you.  I do not respond to emails that do not include basic information. 


-should you wish to use p411 to assist in screening, please send me an appointment request through that site in addition to the basic screening information. If you have RECENT okays from active, established companions, then you may omit the references requested. 


-if you cannot provide two recent references from established companions, please be prepared to share the personal information that I will need to verify you. For the safety of myself and my friends, I conduct a vigorous, yet discreet, verification. 

If you are unwilling to provide this information, please consider contacting another companion.


-My rates are for my time, so please don't put either of us in an uncomfortable position by attempting to haggle or negotiate in person or over correspondence. 


-please have the full rate for our visit ready at the beginning of our time together. If we meet in private, it should be discreetly left in plain view or in an unsealed envelope. If we meet in public, then please hand it to me when we meet, in a card, book, or gift for reasons of discretion. 



Ready to start our adventure? Simply fill  out my secure contact form, or send the following information in an email to We will be fast friends in no time! 


Cell phone :


City you wish to meet in:

Proposed date and time of meeting:

Handles for TER, p411, etc:

(If you wish to use p411 to assist the screening process, please send me an appointment request through the site. If you have RECENT okays from active, established providers, you may omit the reference information below.)


Contact information for 2 established providers you have seen recently:


Employment verification- email me from a verifiable work email connected to your real name; alternately, list a public number for the main line of your company. I maintain a non-published email account that you can send this to if you prefer - just shoot me an email. 

***should you have verifiable concerns of legitimate celebrity or public image, I may be able to work with you on alternate screening options. Contact me via this form, or by email, and i will do all that I can to accommodate you. Should you require a NDA, simply let me know***

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