“This was a dream, and she was merely a guide.” -Anais Nïn


About Me

As a young woman busy with the demands of the real world, I slip into my Grace persona to have an outlet for my vibrant sensuality and adventurous nature. Grace allows me to unleash my authentic self, with no need to conform to the arbitrary and narrow rules of the "real world". Here in the Demi-Monde, I can satiate my wanderlust, my desire for connection, and  my sybaritic inclinations. I crave the deeper experiences that only come with the slipping away of the binds of typical human interaction. 


My experiences and interests belie my age of 27 years. My travels, studies, and interests make me both a fascinating conversationalist and a well-mannered companion for any situation. Yoga, dance, and my love of hiking and long walks have given me a slender, toned, and graceful physique, with a petite build that is soft in all the right places. My wavy brunette hair hangs down to the middle of my lithe back, and my warm brown eyes will light up as you tell me your story, and sparkle with delight as we begin to enjoy our time. My appearance will be appropriate for whatever engagements you have planned for us, and l my natural beauty is the only thing about me that will stand out in a crowd. If we meet in a private location, I will be dressed either in a simple sundress, or in any way you request. 



About You


While I am drawn towards a diverse range of people, I usually prefer spending my time with those ladies and gentlemen who have gained the wisdom that only comes with age. I am available for both single women and men as well as couples, and I do occasionally meet with "old souls", but please respect my desire to only meet those over 30. 


I have a limited amount of time to spend in Grace's world, so I prefer to only meet those with whom I feel a 'spark' or connection with. 


I most enjoy meeting new friends when they are curious about the world and have a desire to absorb new places/experiences/sensations. Whether looking for an adventure, an escape, or a much-needed to recharge for mind, body, and soul drained from the stresses and obligations of life, I  delight in fulfilling the needs, dreams, and desires of my generous and respectful patrons. 


I deeply enjoy intimate encounters with couples, provided they are in a committed and trusting relationship. As a passionately bisexual sybarite, I adore wading into the orgiastic pleasures only found in Ménage a Trois or group encounter. 

“Our hands touch,our bodies burst into fire...nothing remains unlit. All quivers, all kindles, all burns clear.”
-Virgina Woolf

From "Arrival" by William Carlos Williams

And yet one arrives somehow,
finds himself loosening the hooks of
her dress
in a strange bedroom —
feels the autumn
dropping its silk and linen leaves
about her ankles.

—from Poem Hunter