The best gift you can give to me is another enjoyable date together. However, I know many of my patrons enjoy "spoiling" me. Below, you'll find a selection of my favorites from the most important categories.


--Food and Drink: 

Islay scotches, such as Laphroiag Quarter Cask and Lagavulin 16

Red wine: Malbec, Cabernet, or any adventurous/big and bold red wines. I particularly enjoy a variety of South American wines.

Good chocolate! Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Valrhona, artisanal chocolate of all types. 

Medium-rare, dry aged ribeye steak. The quickest way to my temperamental heart!

I adore a wide range of cuisine, and am always excited to try a new restaurant or dish. Surprise me with our dinner plans by taking me to your favorite spot!



-I prefer a color palette of natural tones- cream, gray, brown, muted shades, dark jewel tones. Bags, purses, and shoes crafted  from fine leather are a particular delight! I adore Burberry, Louboutin, Chanel, and feminine dresses and blouses from Dolce and Gabbana and Diane von Furstenberg. Gift cards to Anthropologie and Nordstrom are always used quickly! 

When working out, I'm usually adorned in lululemon or Alo.


-Lingerie is one of the joys of my existence. It's so completely form over function, so unabashedly decorative. I'm always tickled pink by a gift of lingerie that you think would suit me! 

I generally wear a size small or a 32-B. Gift cards or items from Journelle are particularly treasured, as well as anything from La Perla, Cosabella, or Agent Provocateur. 

-Shoes: I wear a size 7.5, and adore styles from Louboutin,  Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, boots of every type, and anything crafted from fine leather. 

-Jewelry: always a flattering gift. I adore sapphires, red beryls, emeralds, and of course, diamonds of any shape/size/color. Unique pieces in silver, bronze, or gold are also sure to bring forth a squeal of excitement! 


Books! A lifelong bookworm, I go through books at a furious rate. It's an expensive habit, so I always welcome gift cards to Amazon or book stores, or a gift of a book you recommend. 

Travel: I've got a serious case of wanderlust. Gift cards for major airlines and hotel chains are one way to keep you on my mind all throughout my next adventures! Better yet, whisk me away to an exotic locale or tropical island...

Gift cards for  Nordstrom, Barneys, Journelle, Agent Provocateur, Anthropologie, and Amazon

Spa services/gift cards.